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Less than two weeks left to submit ASNE Awards entries

The ASNE Awards, 
one of the few journalism contests in which news organizations of all sizes compete on equal footing, are a great way of presenting your most significant work and competing with your colleagues in the industry. Submit your entries by Tuesday, Feb. 10!  

Help promote the First Amendment on Presidents Day

"Presidents Day is a good time to acknowledge that even our greatest presidents were scrutinized and challenged by a free press, and democracy was more robust because of it. It's a good time for America's journalists to take the opportunity to remind readers and viewers of the need to always protect the First Amendment, regardless of message or medium." - Ken 
Paulson, president of the First Amendment Center

Statement regarding terror attack on Paris newspaper

The American Society of News Editors is shocked and saddened by the Jan. 7 terrorist attack at the offices of the French weekly Charlie Hebdo.

"Freedom of expression is a powerful tool for building and sustaining open societies and must be protected,'' said ASNE President Chris Peck. "ASNE joins with other journalists and writers to condemn the use of terror to try to silence the voices of those who have a different perspective on our world.''

2015 ASNE Awards are now open for submissions

We're accepting nominations for the 2015 ASNE Awards, our annual journalism contest open for news organizations of all sizes. Read carefully this year's simpler and clearer rules and categories before submitting entries by Tuesday, Feb. 10.

Happy Holidays from ASNE!

Thanks for all your support this year. We look forward to working with you in 2015. Happy Holidays!

Consider charitable donations to ASNE Foundation

We would appreciate if you could consider giving charitable donations to ASNE Foundation as end-of-year-gifts. Financial support is crucial as it carries out its core values of leadership, First Amendment/free press, diversity, news literacy, and excellence and innovation in professional journalism. 

Thank you for making Hacking News Leadership: Part 2 valuable!

We have prepared a recap of Hacking News Leadership: Part 2 that we hosted Dec. 6-7 at Poynter. Thanks for attending and sharing your innovative ideas and thoughts!

Update on protest against National Forest Service rules requiring permit for filmmaking, photography

ASNE was one of 17 organizations that immediately 
sent a letter to Forest Service Chief Thomas Tidwell that opposed the proposal to make permanent certain interim directives, which govern the need for permits by those engaged in commercial filmmaking or still photography on National Forest System lands.  

We were pleased when Tidwell issued a memorandum for all Forest Service personnel that clearly stated: "Journalism or media coverage is not to be considered a commercial activity for purposes of the regulations or our permit policies on any NFS lands." But we also knew that the effect of his words would be limited, and comments would need to be filed. 

Urgent action needed today on FOIA bill!

We need your voice TODAY to achieve reforms to the federal FOIA because S 2520, which passed the Senate on Monday, is not put on the House calendar, yet, and the House of Representatives could adjourn for the year as early as Thursday (tomorrow). 

Contact House leadership directly via phone calls, Twitter (you can direct tweets to 
@SpeakerBoehner@GOPLeader@NancyPelosi@WhipHoyer) and through your publications. 

ASNE applauds Senate for passing FOIA Improvements Act (S2520)

ASNE is pleased that the Senate passed the FOIA Improvements ACT (S 2520) by unanimous consent on Dec. 8. We hope ASNE members will 
join us in thanking the Senate for passing S 2520 and in asking the House to pass this legislation.

Help promote and celebrate Bill of Rights Day on Dec. 15

Dec. 15 is Bill of Rights Day, the day to promote and celebrate the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution. ASNE's Youth Journalism Initiative asks you to share the importance of fundamental freedoms, guarenteed by the First Amendment, through articles, columns or commentary. 

Check out the 1 for All campaign's website, for resources and information that will help you participate in Bill of Rights Day. 

Agenda for Hacking: Review sessions and presenters

Here is the agenda for Hacking News Leadership: Part 2 at Poynter. A number of interesting and exciting sessions and speakers await you! 

It's not too late to sign up if you'd like to attend the conference. Hope you can join us! 

Meet Alley Interactive, one of Hacking News Leadership sponsors

Alley Interactive, known as the company that designs and builds large-scale content sites for top digital publishers, is one of our generous sponsors for this event. 

ASNE joins amicus brief in favor of immediate access to civil complaints

ASNE joined an 
amicus brief drafted by the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, which argues in favor of immediate access to civil court documents. 

Senate Judiciary Committee passes 2014 FOIA Improvements Act

The American Society of News Editors applauds the Senate Judiciary Committee for passing S 2520, the FOIA Improvements Act of 2014, by voice vote in the morning of Nov. 20. ASNE has supported this bill since its introduction earlier this year and hopes that the entire Senate will move quickly to pass this legislation. 

Hacking: Let's explore tools, figure out what to use and what to implement

On Saturday, Dec. 6, you'll have a chance to apply the knowledge you gain from the "Five things I wish my -------- Understood" session and build a process for choosing and implementing the right tool for the right job. 

Sign up today to attend and participate! 

Meet, one of our Hacking News Leadership sponsors, known as the company that provides digital publishers clear audience insights through an intuitive analytics platform, is one of our generous sponsors for this event. 

ASNE joins letter: Impersonation of news media is unacceptable

ASNE joined about 20 other organizations on a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder and FBI Director James Comey that asks for certain procedural and substantive changes to various DOJ and FBI guidelines applicable to these situations.  

Save the dates for ASNE-APME 2015

ASNE and APME will be meeting Friday, Oct. 16 - Sunday, Oct. 18, 2015, at Stanford University. Mark your calendar now, and plan early! 

Kickoff session at Hacking: Share your expectations and vocabulary

Hacking News Leadership: Part 2 Dec. 6-7 will begin with this icebreaker session "Five things I wish my _____ understood." Participants will have the opportunity to share and discuss things that editors need to know to understand data/technology specialists and vice versa.  

Sign up today to join us! 

Sign up: Second ASNE-Poynter webinar Nov. 18

Poynter will be holding the second ASNE-Poynter webinar at 2 p.m. EST Tuesday, Nov. 18. Led by ASNE member Bill Church, executive editor of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, the webinar will cover the topic of "Media and Innovation: How to Play in the Sand Box."

Sign up today to join! ASNE members are granted free access.  

ASNE voices concerns regarding DoD's proposed revisions on FOIA

ASNE has joined 
comments filed with the Department of Defense that ask the agency to reconsider proposed rules that might adversely impact reporters' ability to access documents from the agency through FOIA. 

Contact us if you need hotel room for Hacking News Leadership

No time to consider whether to attend Hacking News Leadership: Part 2 at Poynter! Read what your colleagues say about why this is a must-come conference, and sign up today!

The block of rooms we had reserved at the Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront expired Nov. 11, but we have some rooms reserved at the $129/night rate. Contact Cindy Roe at as soon as possible if you haven't made your hotel reservation. 

Sign up: First ASNE-Poynter webinar Nov. 12

Have you signed up for the "How to Tell Great Investigative Stories with Dwindling Resources" webinar prepared by The Poynter Institute for Wednesday, Nov. 12? ASNE Board of Directors member George Stanley, managing editor of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is the speaker. 

Remember, ASNE members have free acceess to this webinar. Sign up today!