ASNE stands with journalists arrested for doing their job

The American Society of News Editors, the nation's oldest and largest association for leaders of America's newsrooms, while disturbed by reports of the apparent recommendation made by President Donald Trump to James Comey that the now-former FBI director "should consider putting reporters in prison for publishing classified information," maintains its resolve to fight for the rights of all journalists in the face of unprecedented attacks on American journalists at all levels of government. ASNE members will not only lead the fight inside their own newsrooms, but also they will stand together when others are threatened.

ASNE joins on World Press Freedom Day pledge

ASNE was one of more than 20 organizations that observed World Press Freedom Day 2017 by pledging to work together to strengthen the journalism community. In the face of new threats to press freedom, these organizations agreed to join together to provide moral support and professional training to guard free speech; remind their own members that the mission of journalism is to inform the public; support solid, important reporting in creative and innovative ways; re-engage with their communities; and remind the public that the press is the friend of the people, not their enemy. Click here to read the pledge.

Press organizations pledge to strengthen journalism community in World Press Freedom Day statement

Washington, D.C. (May 3, 2017) - World Press Freedom Day 2017 arrives at a time when press institutions worldwide are under siege from forces that are both political and economic.

Statement regarding president Trump's attacks on media

In case you missed it, ASNE and more than 80 organizations committed to the First Amendment right of freedom of speech and the press issued a joint statement on March 2 condemning the Trump administration's attacks on the press. Click here to read the press release and the statement. We strongly encourage ASNE members to publish the statement as an op-ed.  

Free speech, press groups call president's attacks on the media a threat to democracy

ASNE and 81 other organizations committed to the First Amendment right of freedom of speech and the press joined on a statement condemning the Trump administration's attacks on the press. Click on the headline to read the press release and the statement.

Outrage in Waukesha

Editorial by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Donald Trump's outrageous presidential campaign was built on the brilliant use of free media — especially cable television, where the line between news and entertainment often blurs. But there has long been a dark underbelly to Trump's relationship with the independent working press. His disparagement of reporters is a set piece at rallies. He made fun of a disabled journalist. He called for change to libel laws because he doesn't like to be criticized.

Wednesday in Waukesha, that relationship hit a new low: His campaign used public servants — sheriff's deputies, no less — to harass a reporter for The Washington Post seeking to cover a rally for Trump's running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

ASNE condemns Trump's attempt at press censorship

The American Society of News Editors stands against presidential candidate Donald Trump's attempts to censor news coverage of his campaign by denying access to outlets whose coverage does not correspond to his wishes, the latest being The Washington Post. Candidate Trump's move to sanction coverage of his drive to win the presidency is an unprecedented dismissal of the First Amendment freedoms essential to our democracy. The public is best served when a fearless, unfettered and independent press is present at all campaign events, speeches and political forums. We urge the Republican Party to return to its historical support for openness and transparency and call on both the party and its presumptive nominee to reverse course on these undemocratic sanctions and attempts at censorship. In the meantime, we encourage news outlets to ignore, reject and oppose all unconstitutional restrictions that any party, candidate or government official attempts to impose.

Our letter on restrictive media credentials in entertainment industry

We are becoming increasingly aware of particularly restrictive credentialing agreements issued to photographers and videographers in the entertainment industry. We hope to better focus attention on this issue by joining 11 other media organizations on the "Open Letter to Performers Regarding Standard Conditions for Photographers Live Appearances Agreements."

We invite you to publish the letter as an op-ed or otherwise include it in your coverage. 

ASNE joins letter seeking repeal of Atlanta ordinance

ASNE was one of 12 organizations that joined together on a letter to Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed in effort to protest the Atlanta Police Department's recent harassment of a photographer and to request the revocation of a city ordinance, which likely emboldened the officer in question.  

ASNE joins letter urging reconsideration of 'Right to be Forgotten' order

ASNE joined 29 organizations on a letter to France's Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés, which argues that a recent order issued by the CNIL exceeds the entity's authority in implementing the right to be forgotten.