Outrage in Waukesha

Editorial by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Donald Trump's outrageous presidential campaign was built on the brilliant use of free media — especially cable television, where the line between news and entertainment often blurs. But there has long been a dark underbelly to Trump's relationship with the independent working press. His disparagement of reporters is a set piece at rallies. He made fun of a disabled journalist. He called for change to libel laws because he doesn't like to be criticized.

Wednesday in Waukesha, that relationship hit a new low: His campaign used public servants — sheriff's deputies, no less — to harass a reporter for The Washington Post seeking to cover a rally for Trump's running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

ASNE condemns Trump's attempt at press censorship

The American Society of News Editors stands against presidential candidate Donald Trump's attempts to censor news coverage of his campaign by denying access to outlets whose coverage does not correspond to his wishes, the latest being The Washington Post. Candidate Trump's move to sanction coverage of his drive to win the presidency is an unprecedented dismissal of the First Amendment freedoms essential to our democracy. The public is best served when a fearless, unfettered and independent press is present at all campaign events, speeches and political forums. We urge the Republican Party to return to its historical support for openness and transparency and call on both the party and its presumptive nominee to reverse course on these undemocratic sanctions and attempts at censorship. In the meantime, we encourage news outlets to ignore, reject and oppose all unconstitutional restrictions that any party, candidate or government official attempts to impose.

Our letter on restrictive media credentials in entertainment industry

We are becoming increasingly aware of particularly restrictive credentialing agreements issued to photographers and videographers in the entertainment industry. We hope to better focus attention on this issue by joining 11 other media organizations on the "Open Letter to Performers Regarding Standard Conditions for Photographers Live Appearances Agreements."

We invite you to publish the letter as an op-ed or otherwise include it in your coverage. 

ASNE joins letter seeking repeal of Atlanta ordinance

ASNE was one of 12 organizations that joined together on a letter to Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed in effort to protest the Atlanta Police Department's recent harassment of a photographer and to request the revocation of a city ordinance, which likely emboldened the officer in question.  

ASNE joins letter urging reconsideration of 'Right to be Forgotten' order

ASNE joined 29 organizations on a letter to France's Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés, which argues that a recent order issued by the CNIL exceeds the entity's authority in implementing the right to be forgotten.

ASNE supports effort to make killing journalists a war crime

The American Society of News Editors supports Gary Pruitt's, president and CEO of The Associated Press, call for changes to international laws that would make it a war crime to kill journalists.

Statement regarding terror attack on Paris newspaper

The American Society of News Editors is shocked and saddened by the Jan. 7 terrorist attack at the offices of the French weekly Charlie Hebdo.

"Freedom of expression is a powerful tool for building and sustaining open societies and must be protected,'' said ASNE President Chris Peck. "ASNE joins with other journalists and writers to condemn the use of terror to try to silence the voices of those who have a different perspective on our world.''

Update on protest against National Forest Service rules requiring permit for filmmaking, photography

ASNE was one of 17 organizations that immediately 
sent a letter to Forest Service Chief Thomas Tidwell that opposed the proposal to make permanent certain interim directives, which govern the need for permits by those engaged in commercial filmmaking or still photography on National Forest System lands.  

We were pleased when Tidwell issued a memorandum for all Forest Service personnel that clearly stated: "Journalism or media coverage is not to be considered a commercial activity for purposes of the regulations or our permit policies on any NFS lands." But we also knew that the effect of his words would be limited, and comments would need to be filed. 

ASNE joins letter: Impersonation of news media is unacceptable

ASNE joined about 20 other organizations on a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder and FBI Director James Comey that asks for certain procedural and substantive changes to various DOJ and FBI guidelines applicable to these situations.  

ASNE opposes rules requiring permit for filmmaking, photography

ASNE was one of 18 organizations that sent a letter to National Forest Service in protest of a proposal to make rules that require a permit for filmmaking and still photography. This concerns ASNE as the NFS personnel will invoke the permit requirement on a regular basis in a manner that restricts legitimate newsgathering.