Opinion Writing

The ASNE Opinion Journalism committee strives to serve those who practice, supervise, study, or seriously aspire to doing fact-based commentary journalism.

The Masthead 2017
Newest Articles:
  • Opinionizers' journal arrives
    • The Masthead resumes its half-century of service to the field at its new home on ASNE.org with several timely articles and images.
  • The opinion journalism forum
    • Details, and info on how to join the immensely helpful EditWrite online discussion list. 
  • A resurgence in Kansas City
    • The Kansas City Star’s new editorial page editor tells how the board gained members and got an updated and expanded mission to connect with readers and the public.
  • Saving the dying editorial role
    • One columnist’s take on fallout from the election has him urging both retaining some fundamentals, dropping one that no longer works nationally, and more...
  • Thanking letter writers
    • How some papers do it each year. With visual example.
  • Editing cartoons?
    • What some editors said about this concept.
  • Headlines some would like to see
    • Annual tradition at some newspapers can be fun, help set an editorial agenda, provide material in slow, shorter-staffed holiday weeks. With visual examples.
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