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Mission statement

September 1994

The American Society of News Editors is dedicated to the leadership of American journalism. It is committed to fostering the public discourse essential to democracy; helping editors maintain the highest standards of quality, improve their craft and better serve their communities; and preserving and promoting core journalistic values, while embracing and exploring change.

ASNE's priorities are:

  • To protect First Amendment rights and enhance the free flow of information.
  • To drive the quest for diversity and inclusion in the workplace and new media content.
  • To promote the news media's role in providing information necessary to the informed practice of citizenship.
  • To encourage innovation and celebrate creativity in news organizations.
  • To respect and encourage the involvement of all its members.

Strategies for accomplishing the mission

Develop on-site visits and other outreach to newsrooms.
Share success stories with members.
Lead newspaper technologies into the next century.
Provide new ideas for shaping the craft of journalism.
Help editors face change and challenge.
Establish new committees on "Change" and "Newspapers and the Changing Technology."
Explore programs funded by foundations.
Generate new projects.
Work through the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.
Encourage newspapers and editors to get involved in high school journalism.
Awareness of the First Amendment and the role of the press in society.
Freedom of information.
Newspaper coverage of elections and other issues of democracy.
Diversity in newsrooms and news coverage.
Accurate, fair and complete news reports.
  • Seek alliances with like-minded industry groups.
  • Encourage members to help one another improve their newspapers.
  • Reach out to members.
  • Support the emergence and development of a free press around the world.
  • Re-examine all the activities and committees of the ASNE to determine if they fit the mission statement.
  • Study how public debate of issues takes place and how newspapers can become more involved in the process.
  • Support quality education and training for journalists
  • Continue to emphasize core values.