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Executive Committee

This committee focuses on membership, fundraising and partnerships.


Chris Peck, The Riverton (Wyo.) Ranger
Pam Fine, University of Kansas
Mizell Stewart, Journal Media Group, Milwaukee 
Alfredo Carbajal, Al Día (The Dallas Morning News)
David Boardman, Temple University 
Andy Alexander, E.W. Scripps School of Journalism
Teri Hayt, ASNE
Arnie Robbins, ASNE 

Stanford Conference Program 

This committee develops the 2015 ASNE-APME conference at Stanford University with support from all other ASNE committees and projects, APME and Stanford. 

Robyn Tomlin, Pew Research Center, Washington, D.C.


New News Ecology  

This committee focuses on what digital-only news operations are learning about, what it takes to succeed and what doesn't work. 

Steve Engelberg, ProPublica, New York
Elizabeth Green, Chalkbeat 
Emily Ramshaw, The Texas Tribune  

Diversifying the News

This committee focuses on regional programs and an online engagement hub to help news organizations learn how to better cover untapped and emerging communities and get more diverse voices into the news.

Mike Fancher, Journalism That Matters
Karen Magnuson, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle


News Literacy/Roundtables Project 

This committee assists in overseeing the National Community and News Literacy Roundtables project, an ambitious two-year partnership between ASNE, the News Literacy Project and the American Press Institute. Members will share ideas, provide feedback, make introductions and promote the project. 

Alan Miller, News Literacy Project 


Dean's List 

This committee works with a core group of deans and directors of journalism schools to explore where journalism schools and ASNE/news media should intersect, in terms of where each should be headed. 

David Boardman, Temple University 


Training Print Staffs for TV

This committee develops programs to help print newsroom leaders make transition to TV. Through regional conferences and webinars, the committee works with broadcast groups on the skills and culture issues that will be important for print journalists as they transition to TV.

Manny Garcia, Naples Daily News
Mizell Stewart, The E.W. Scripps Co., Cincinnati 

Winning Millennials

This committee explores the option of developing programs to help online startups and other millennial-driven organizations with key leadership and management issues, including hiring, staff development and difficult conversations. 

George Stanley, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Terrorist, Secrecy and the Media  

This committee explores and explains the twisted relationship between worldwide terrorist groups that seek out and profit from media coverage and the parallel secrecy, and media obfuscation employed by many government agencies that purportedly are trying to combat terrorism. The committee focuses on freedom of information, government access and First Amendment issues. 

Lucy Dalglish, Philip Merril College of Journalism, University of Maryland 
Anders Gyllenhaal, McClatchy Washington Bureau
Michael Oreskes, NPR, Washington, D.C. 

New Media, New Ethics

This committee focuses on whether newer media platforms need a different set of standards and ethics and if so, what it is.

Nancy Barnes, Houston Chronicle 

Hacking News Leadership 

This committee develops and executes Hacking News Leadership: Part 2 on Dec. 6-7 at Poynter. The committee is in charge of recruiting editors and digital staffers to attend, and its goal is to apply the learnings -- both positive and negative -- to improve the second incarnation of this event and potentially turn it into an ASNE franchise.

Jim Brady, Stomping Ground, Philadelphia

Minority Leadership Institute 

This committee focuses on continuation and expansion of ASNE Minority Leadership Institutes.

Alfredo Carbajal, Al Día (The Dallas Morning News)