Recent News ASNE prepares to launch 2015 Newsroom Employment Census
We're getting ready to launch the 2015 newsroom census. An email will be sent to the main contact of your organization this week. Please respond promptly to our completely annonymous survey and help us get a step closer to achieve our long-term goal of increasing diversity in U.S. newsrooms.

ASNE staff |  3/4/2015

Sunshine Week: Exciting coverage package coming soon

The Associated Press, The McClatchy Company, USA TODAY and Gannett Co., Inc. will mark 10 years of Sunshine Week with an unprecedented package of high-impact stories, a commentary piece, informational graphics and editorial cartoons. Package coming the week of March 9.

ASNE staff |  2/26/2015

ASNE joins effort to overturn orders issued in mine explosion case
The case involves the 2010 explosion of the Upper Big Branch Mine in Sago, W.Va., which resulted in several casualties. The district judge issued a gag order, which prevents just about any party to the case from publicly speaking about the case, and a sealing order, which applies to almost all documents filed in the case.

ASNE staff |  2/26/2015

Bring news literacy to your community

The National Community and News Literacy Roundtables Project is a two-year project ASNE has launched to help local communities use the tools of news literacy to spark constructive dialogue on important issues facing communities and help build a better informed citizenry. 

Those who are interested in bringing a roundtable to their community should contact Clair Lorell, director of the project, at or 571-366-1152.  

ASNE staff |  2/25/2015

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