Recent News Senate Judiciary Committee passes 2014 FOIA Improvements Act

The American Society of News Editors applauds the Senate Judiciary Committee for passing S 2520, the FOIA Improvements Act of 2014, by voice vote in the morning of Nov. 20. ASNE has supported this bill since its introduction earlier this year and hopes that the entire Senate will move quickly to pass this legislation. 
ASNE staff |  11/20/2014

Hacking: Let's explore tools, figure out what to use and what to implement
On Saturday, Dec. 6, you'll have a chance to apply the knowledge you gain from the "Five things I wish my -------- Understood" session and build a process for choosing and implementing the right tool for the right job. 

Sign up today to attend and participate! 

ASNE staff |  11/20/2014

Meet, one of our Hacking News Leadership sponsors, known as the company that provides digital publishers clear audience insights through an intuitive analytics platform, is one of our generous sponsors for this event. 

ASNE staff |  11/20/2014

ASNE joins letter: Impersonation of news media is unacceptable
ASNE joined about 20 other organizations on a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder and FBI Director James Comey that asks for certain procedural and substantive changes to various DOJ and FBI guidelines applicable to these situations.  
ASNE staff |  11/20/2014

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